Meet John.

Managing Director John Burrows established Pathogen Solutions in 2003.

John is a chartered engineer with a background in the electronics and automotive industries. A passion for quality design and product performance, led to the creation development of products that are truly differentiated and perform in their chosen field.

The company has  skill set is in product development, manufacturing and supply chain management and since its inception has exported to over 30 countries

Since 2000 John has travelled globally supporting company products


Beginning in 2003 a group of design engineers lead by John worked vigorously to optimise the performance of UVGI and in doing so created Medixair. Leading members of the academic and scientific community have subsequently assessed and approved the theoretical and practical basis of the technology and the product is now the subject of international patents. Testing of medixair has took place at all levels of product development, embracing the following spectrum of analysis:

The product has been acknowledge by the UK’s Health Protection Agency’s Rapid Review Panel to fastback healthcare products and Smart Solutions Program as well as being nominated by

Pathogen solutions
Shot with Andy Burnham
Medixair display

Initial concept

  • Input from the food industry generates an interest in air sterilisation. Medixair conceived as a means of using better engineering techniques in the field of portable air sterilisers.

Pathogen Solutions formed

  • Medixair enters the healthcare market
  • Investments made in the scientific validation of the product which sees Medixair tested successfully against a range of viruses and bacteria

First sales in UK & Europe

  • Patents granted in UK, USA, Japan, Australia and Malaysia
  • Investment in Clinical trials proves efficacy of Medixair

GE Healthcare becomes distributor

  • Successful Clinical test Northwick Park
  • First international Sales to Asia.
  • Recognition from Heath Protection Agency Rapid Review Panel

Award from NHS Smart  Solutions Programme

  • Recognition Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski of Penn State University

First sales to Israel


Medixair enters UK dental market


South Korean distributor appointed

  • Medixair enters the dental market France Spain and Italy

First sales to Czech Republic & Indonesia

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