The unique design1 of Medixair recognises the fundamental principles of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, applying these important theoretical factors into a practical, workable solution to combat airborne infection.

The design ensures that the UV sources produce the intensity of radiation, necessary to kill all bacteria and viruses whilst simultaneously offering complete user safety.

1 UK Patent: EP1523341, USA Patent: US 7,416,588 B2


High UVc Exposure

The UVc power sources are engineered into a geometric array, held within a reflective chamber, to ensure that airborne organisms drawn into the machine are always in close proximity to the UV source; thus overcoming the inherent problem of UV propagation in air. Medixair will therefore eradicate the most resistant microorganisms

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Controlled Air Speed

Controlled air speed through the machine is used to maximise the exposure of microorganisms to the UV radiation, whilst simultaneously delivering a significant volume of clean, fresh air back into the room space.

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For more in-depth technical information on Medixair, click here to download our ‘Technical discussion of medixair’ PDF

High UVc dose that ensures even the most resistant microorganisms are killed


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Medixair was laboratory tested in the UK by Microsearch Laboratories, a UKAS accredited,
DEFRA authorised contract laboratory,
capable of handling up to Class II pathogens.

It was tested for it’s effectiveness against four viruses, including a strain of Feline Coronavirus (FCoVA)

Medixair was proven effective in reducing continuous doses of each of four viruses over a 4.5-hour period. The data illustrates a sustained level of inactivation between, 99.996% and 99.9995%

Percentage reduction against all four viruses
Percentage reduction against all four viruses
Graph showing virus reduction after 4.5 hours of UVc exposure